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Antonio Esfandiari Wins $18m At One Drop

He will surely get into the Hall of Fame someday, but will his career merit him worthy of consideration as an all-time great? Indeed, Esfandiari displayed traits that a lot of up-and-coming poker players have aimed to replicate. Not only did he show that he was able to control his emotions, he was also adept at correctly reading his opponents and stringing them along in a pot. In addition, he was also one of the most entertaining and humorous characters at the felt. The Antonio Esfandiari poker career has seemingly slowed down a bit.

After knocking out Hellmuth, Esfandiari finished third, winning $44,000. Known as “The Magician” on the poker circuit, Esfandiari has amassed more than $2 million in tournament winnings in the last three years. He also lays claim to a World Series of Poker bracelet, winning a pot limit Hold’em tournament in 2004. Various websites have pegged Esfandiari’s net worth at $20 million, but that is just a figure thrown out there and appears to be wildly optimistic. It reveals a lack of understanding about the life of a professional poker player. Antonio Esfandiari, the magician and poker player, was born Amir Esfandiari on December 8, 1978, in the city of Tehran, Iran.

This led to him choosing an unconventional path from a young age. In the end, that made all the difference and gave birth to one of the most talented poker players in the history of poker. In July of 2012 Antonio Esfandiari won the largest tournament in the history of poker, catapulting himself into the stratosphere. The real name of this Professional poker player and former professional magician is Amir Esfandiary. At the time Antonio won in the event, he won the biggest single payout in all of tournament poker history with a total of $18,346,673.

Being a regular in every season of both shows made him one of the most recognizable faces in the game. While other players became famous for regularly blowing up and getting angry about the cards, Esfandiari was renowned for being cool, calm, and collected at all times. All these combined bring his total live tournament winnings to $27.8 million. This is an impressive number for sure and good enough to put Esfandiari in the top 20 of the All-Time Money List.

According to Esfandiari, there are many other professional players he respected and mindful of when it comes to poker tournaments. He mentioned that the most difficult table game he has ever engaged in was at the One Drop tournament, in the year he won the game. In the year 2010, Antonio won his second WPT title by winning the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World for a huge $870,000.

He doesn’t live above board and he is a smart player when it comes to gambling. Months after this, Antonio Esfandiari made another grand win, and this time, it was at the WSOP. He grandly beat Phil Nguyen at the $2,000 Pot-Limit Event and took home an exquisite gold bracelet and a winning of $184,860. Around this time, Antonio made an important decision about his residence; he decided to move permanently to Las Vegas, the heart of casino gaming.

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