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Inspire Others with a High Score Challenge – Runner Amy Hughes

As the day for her challenge began to approach, Amy came across people asking if she could do it and what she would do if she stopped. The passionate runner blocked everything and focused on the day-to-day, treating it almost like a job.
Thanks to a friend’s support, congratulations, and charitable donations, Amy had a lot to help her mentally. When the going got tough, he reflected on the good he was doing and tried to stay positive on each full day instead of looking forward to the days to come. I knew that 10 marathons in 10 days were impressive in itself. This feeling of support and accomplishment drove her to keep going.

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Finished with consistency

Of course, waking up every morning to run a marathon was difficult. The first few days were the hardest, but Amy’s body slowly began to adjust. Amy shared, “It wasn’t easy, but there were definitely more ups and downs.”
Most of the time, she would get up at 6 a.m., eat at 6:30 a.m., wait for food, and sneak out of the hotel. At the end of the day, Amy drove to the nearest town. Even if it sounds boring, Amy found the assignment surprisingly varied. She was always in a different city, meeting other people.
Amy was almost always with someone while jogging. Whether in a group that she joined or a friend on a bike, she always had someone to talk to.