Hi Guys!! It has been a while I know and I am sorry for that. It has been a busy and exciting past few months-which is great I guess, although I have let my writing slip on my own personal blog-BUT I am officially back on the blogging band wagon.

Something has been playing on my mind a lot over the past few weeks, well if I am completely honest it has been since we sadly lost Dave’s dad Nige back in March. He was one of life’s treasures, the most genuinely lovely person you could ever meet. His heart was big and his love for life and adventure was huge. He always inspired me with his stories of adventure. He discovered a cave; he was one of the first to climb certain mountains, he climbed Kilimanjaro, travelled the world and at the young age of 68 he was still going off on mini adventures with friends. Nige was one of those special people that you rarely meet. He definitely changed my life and my outlook on life during the three years of knowing him. Having always supported my challenges 100% he always inspired me to do more and to become the best person I could be.
In a sad way but also in a strange comforting way it was nice to know that Nige left us doing what he absolutely loved. And that left me thinking…life is just too short and too precious to not do what you love, to not take that leap of faith, to not try that one thing you have always dreamt of doing.

I never used to be the person that pushed myself, or tried new things; in fact in school I was the complete opposite. I was one of the quiet ones that was all too happy to sail through and hope for the best because I was too shy and embarrassed to take myself out of my comfort zone. I also had a lot of body and personal hang ups looking back, in my early years I didn’t think I was good enough to do a lot of things, or to at least have a go I guess. Things changed in 2014 when I took the leap of faith and decided to go for 53. I got to the point in my life where I was so desperate to help others that were or may have been in my situation. I wanted to inspire others that might have been sitting on the sofa wanting to make a change but didn’t know how to do it alone.

I don’t need to expand too much on what came next because I talk about it quite often, but in my eyes 53 was the start of something very special. I love that people message me to say I have inspired them to take up running or to start going to the gym, my mission was to do this and to see it happen and unfold is the best feeling in the world.

Now certain opportunities arise, most of them great some of them not so great but I like to grab these opportunities by the balls to be quite frank. Because life is way too short to miss out on the what ifs, buts or maybes. I was invited to attend Ride London with Clif Bar a few weeks ago and without a thought-I said yes. I discovered Clif many moons ago when I was living in America and for a period of time they scarily became part of every meal I ate. I remember running my first marathon in LA-I think I may have mentioned that once or twice 😉 my “fanny pack” was stuffed with clif shot blocks and white chocolate chip bars, thats when the love affair started I guess. So when they invited me to join their team for ride London I jumped at the chance.

The ride was amazing! There was a real sense of community out in London that day, adults and children were exploring London in a way you never really get to do. Don’t get me wrong-I love London but it’s a city that never stops, a city so busy you rarely actually get to take in what you are walking past or who is passing you. It actually reminded me a little of the London marathon but with less pain, blisters and sweaty people. The atmosphere was insane, bands were playing, people were chatting to one another and we didn’t even have any rain until the very end (always a bonus in Britain☺).

The bikes had little Clif flags, which automatically made me smile; if you follow me closely you will already know about my child like tendencies….

So off we set with thousands of other fellow cyclists.There was a group of about 10 of us with Clif, everyone having there own inspiring story. There were cyclists, adventurers, editors and nutritionists. So I am sure you can image the conversation was never dry. But most importantly we were all out there having fun.To my surprise I didn’t even fall off my bike! There were a few close calls though and I nearly wiped a few kids out along the way too. Don’t get me wrong-it wasn’t strenuous but it was fun and that’s what fitness should be about. I remember thinking as I was riding round looking at all the beautiful buildings in London-how amazing it was that our capital city has put on a free event open for everyone to come along, get involved and enjoy. This doesn’t happen too much any more, a fitness event so simple, absolutely free and fun. And although it wasn’t a particularly hard event, it may have inspired hundreds or thousands to cycle more. And on the other hand…it was so refreshing to finish an event without feeling like I was dying, covered in salty sweat, smelling like I hadn’t showered for a week and being unable to walk for a week.

But amongst the fun, the chat and the lovely lunch we stopped for I came away with a very inspiring story that has been planted in the forefront of my brain which I think is too inspiring not to be shared. We were chatting about gut instinct and how going with you gut is important. The founder of Clif Bar nearly sold his company for 120 billion pounds!!! Crazy money hey?! He was told competition was too high for Clif to compete against and was almost forced to sell. There were two business partners so each would have taken away a nice little cheque for 60 billion pounds! Not bad I know. Close to sealing the deal his gut told him this wasn’t right. His company was his baby, his passion that his mother had helped his create. The meaning behind the product was to inspire people to live life full of passion and adventure. There was no way he wanted to give this all up, so he went with his gut! He took the leap and bought his business partner out for 60 billion, not knowing how it would pan out? But he stuck with his gut and Clif is now going from strength to strength-who else has goosebumps right now?

So I have been sitting on this these past few weeks thinking about what my gut tells me. And it tells me to go for what I want, to not waste time doing what you don’t enjoy, to go on the mini adventures my heart wants to go there. It is telling me to keep doing what I am doing to help inspire others (only if its in a small way) and its telling me everything is going to be ok, I also know this is what Nige would be telling me too. So maybe its not gut instinct but what ever it is-Im going for it.
You are strong, you are fearless, don’t stop.