So after my treadmill challenge, I had all these ideas for “the next big challenge” I felt like I had done what I thought was impossible and now I was ready to take on the world even though my body said otherwise I felt like I wanted to get stuck into planning my next “BIG” challenge as soon as I had a little rest and mothered Puppy Miles to death.

But as time passed by and the days turned into weeks I started to re-think things! The pressure on me felt higher than ever…people kept asking what was next? And for the most part I felt like there had to be something in mind straight away, I felt like I needed to be able to tell those people asking what was coming next but actually I don’t think I do! I think running 521 miles on a dreadmill, gaining 13 blisters and feeling like I was going to die for a week is big enough for a while, don’t get me wrong…there will be something ridiculous that petrifies Dave and my mum at some point-when? I don’t know…am I in a rush to figure out when and what? Absolutely not!

Lately I have been thinking….A LOT!
What ever I do has a purpose behind it, every challenge I put myself through has passion and at the moment I don’t have a passion for that “next big challenge” I have a passion for entering races, for exploring different types of sport, for discovering new places, spending time with my family and getting stuck into work and doing running distances I want to do.

An idea I had been planning for a while was to run across America but the more I have thought about it and the more planning I began to do I started to think it wasn’t something I was actually that passionate about. I absolutely love the states and I know in the near future I will head over there to do something but at the moment running across the USA isn’t part of my plan.

Last night I ran the Manchester run in the dark 10k and absolutely loved it, then within the space of about 2 hours my perspective completely changed! I realised that entering races, running with friends and witnessing clients smash their PB was equally as challenging and rewarding as any “big challenge”. I was absolutely buzzing! The atmosphere was great, fellow runners were friendly and I got a better time than I expected.
As I was running around I kept looking at people that were both close by and people that I was passing on loop two and wondered what their story was? I think that’s a great thing about runners and races. Everyone has a story-some happy, some sad and maybe some very challenging, but the amazing thing about events is that you seem to form a bond with your fellow runners even if you don’t necessarily even speak to them. No matter what journey you have been on you are now all at the same point going through the same motions despite your background or result? And at this moment in time I am more than happy for my “next big challenge” to be that next race I book on to!

I hope I pass you and smile at you or even say congratulations to you but if I don’t… good luck and remember….

You are strong, you are fearless…don’t stop!