Wow! What a response from last weeks question I put forward to you guys…

Do you prefer running alone or in a group?
I received a lot of similar answers and a lot of very different ones. It was great to hear your reasons as to why you run and the satisfaction it gives you.
The reason I got to thinking about what people prefer is because for the first time in what feels like forever-(well since I did my treadmill challenge) I have been running with a small group at David Lloyd Trafford and it has both been refreshing and just damn right lovely. I know it has only been a few months but I had forgotten how much I like to run as part of a group sometimes. I feel like they are inspiring me as much as I inspire them, all of them are either new to running or are getting back into it and running with them has reminded me what a big step it is to start something new or get back into something you once loved. There are people all around the UK…all around the world in fact taking up new forms of fitness and pushing limits! My mum for one is training for her very first half marathon and has just done a sky dive and I am so, so proud of her and I am proud of you guys! It is easy to take what you do for granted and forget how hard something was when you first started out.
I remember when I first started running, I felt embarrassed and lacked confidence, I didn’t want anyone to see me run initially because I was afraid I looked stupid, I looked silly and sweaty, and I thought people would judge me for having a go at something I was a complete amateur at. But I carried on because it made me feel good both inside and out! It gave me confidence that soon began to grow in both my social life and fitness ability.
I guess thinking about it, back then when I first started running I was 17 with the same body hang ups and insecurities that most other girls that age have. My butt was too big, my legs wobbled and I needed high waist leggings to hold my belly in.

Did I really have all those things?
Has my body changed much? Probably not but now I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I liked to run alone, I liked to lace up my trainers at 6am and get out there and do my thing and slowly my thing didn’t just turn into running more miles at a faster pace; it turned into confidence, love and happiness.
I love this quote by Nelson Mandela “sport has the ability to change people’s lives” I strongly believe this is true.
So really it didn’t matter at all what your answers were to my question, what is special is the fact that you are out there running either in a group, with your mate from down the road or by yourself. What matters is the fact that you are getting fitter one step at a time whether it be with the encouragement from people in your group or the free space in your mind.
I love to run both alone and with people depending on my mood or goal for that day. Sometimes my day has been shit or sometimes I have a lot going on and I need time to clear my head, that day I will run alone. Some days its rainy I need a boost and a supportive face so ill run with Dave or a friend. Sometimes I just want to get out there and inspire people to get up, get active and follow their dreams….that day Ill run 53 marathons.