I cannot quite believe I am writing my January 2017 plans!! It seems like only two minutes ago I was planning my treadmill challenge…and nearly eight months later it seems like a distant memory! But I am super excited for what is to come in 2017. I have lots planned that I am very excited and passionate about and I hope you guys will be too.

There is a lot going on in the background in preparation for 2017 for both our charity- The 53 Foundation and myself personally. I won’t be sharing everything right now but what I will share is my plans for January. Hopefully some of you guys will be keen to get involved.

So here we go…….

I am sure most of you guys are well aware of my love for Unicorn’s?! I receive daily messages from you guys regarding new unicorn findings…keep em’ comin! So when I discovered the virtual runners January unicorn challenge I had to sign up! The medal is amazing! So to get this medal you have to run 10k throughout January, I cannot wait for this bad boy to come in the post.

Races I will be taking part in:
29th January- Hyde park 10k
14th Petzl night runner 10k trail run
15th January- Four villages Helsby half marathon

Last but not least….

I will be discovering more of Manchester by foot. Since moving to Manchester I have discovered some amazing runs and I know I have barely scratched the surface! Wanting to discover more- I am going to be running in as many different areas of Manchester as possible discovering as many hidden running gems as I can throughout January and will be sharing them all with you on my social media channels and new vlog on YouTube so if you haven’t subscribed yet head over, subscribe and get ready for January. If you have any recommendations get in touch!


If anyone wants to join me you are more than welcome- the more the merrier!! Sometimes it is nice to run with someone for motivation so if you need that new years boost contact me.
To finish off the month I will be picking my seven favourite spots in Manchester to run between on the 28th of January.

I cant wait to see some of you out and about next year, here is to a very fantastically fit and fun filled 2017!!!!!