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Let’s just briefly brainstorm and see a few things we’ve heard so far.

Let’s put the word together: “Three quarters of the world we live on is made up of water.” “A large part of our body consists of water.” As Evliya Çelebi said, this city we live in is already made up of water… Accordingly, it is highly probable, from a logical and rational point of view, that everything that affects water also affects us. I would like to remind you of a name that we have watched on the news in the past, maybe read or listened openly: Dr. Masaru Emoto. He published his photographs of water crystals in two books named “Messages Given by Water”. These books reached a sales figure of 400 thousand all over the world. Actually, there is nothing incomprehensible to this. What makes Dr. Emoto’s water research so popular is that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. Using different written and spoken words or music on water samples taken from the same place.

“water” changed its expression when intentions, thoughts were directed or focused. Basically Dr. Emoto managed to capture the “expressions” of the water. In the technique he developed, he performed a very high speed photograph with the help of an extremely powerful microscope in a very cold room. With this technique, he photographed frozen water crystals that had just been formed. However, not all water samples taken from different regions could be crystallized. For example, water samples taken from heavily polluted rivers only showed the state of the water. Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that when certain thoughts were intensely directed at crystals formed in frozen water, their reactions changed. To put it more clearly, the water crystals varied according to the shape of the thought. Experiments done

As a result, it was seen that water samples from very clean springs and water samples that were spoken of loving words created very bright, dense motifs, symmetrical and multicolored patterns, just like the patterns of snowflakes. On the other hand, water samples coming from regions with a lot of environmental pollution or water samples exposed to negative thoughts; It created dark, asymmetrical and incomplete motifs. The results of this research and discoveries showed how we can positively affect the world and our own health. It created a revolutionary conscious awareness. Dr. Emoto showed us how deep our thoughts, behaviors and emotions have on the environment. It proved that nature affects us and we affect nature. President of the American Holistic Medicine Association and among them “Sacred Healing”

Dr. Norman Shealy commented on the experiments: “Water represents the connection between the fourth dimension in which we live and the fifth dimension of our soul. Prior to this, many studies revealed the invisible effects of healers on hydrogen bonding or water absorbing infrared rays. However, none of these studies were conducted by Dr. It cannot compete with Emoto’s elegant work. The effect of thought and beauty has never been described so well before.

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