Its finally time….I feel like I have been waiting for this day for so long! And now it is finally here- holiday day! And it has never ever felt so needed. It has been such a busy few months with the challenge, getting a new puppy and work. I physically and mentally feel exhausted and this trip to Thailand couldn’t have come at a better time and it is all thanks to Bodyform!! YES THE SANITARY TOWEL COMPANY ☺

Many moons ago.. well 12 months ago to be exact I won a holiday! That never happens right?! Completely free! No ties, no tricks and I was hand picked through a campaign ran by Bodyform called #LIVEFEARLESS

If anyone out there is like me- when it comes to competition’s I am usually quite a lazy applier as I am a bit of a cynic and think “Ah ill never win” but this time I did and I am ridiculously thrilled!

It was this simple…. “Dear guest please tell us something fearless you have done in 250 words”
So I told my story about running 53 marathons in 53 days and thought no more of it until two months later when I was sitting in Leeds town hall with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust watching the rain pelt it down outside. I received an email to say I had a trip around the world and there it was in black and white, a list of holidays to choose from. I thought there must have been a catch?! This couldn’t be real?! I never win anything?! So I reread it about 20 times and it seemed real, it seemed straightforward? I had won a completely free holiday!!!!!! They had chosen my story out of so many others! I felt really proud and privileged that they thought what I had done was worthy of this amazing opportunity.

I rang my Mum straight away and it took a good 10 times of telling her until she actually believed me.

I guess the moral of this blog is that it pays to put your-self out there and give things ago! If I hadn’t of entered this competition I could have never have been in it to win it, if you don’t try something you want to do you will never know the outcome. If your thinking of doing something just give it a bloody go! What is the worst that could happen hey?

And it even fits in well with my newly created mantra…

I am strong, I am fearless, don’t stop.