I have been really excited about writing this blog! I am about to share with you some of the runners that have inspired me throughout 2016, I thought seen as though the year is coming to a close what better time to share my inspirations with you. Each and every person has inspired me, made me feel proud to be a runner, made me smile through their own personal achievements, made me want to always be better and bought me strength, comfort and motivation when sometimes it lacked, they helped me believe anything is possible when you put your mind to it and most of all made me incredibly proud and honoured to be part of the great big wonderful running community.

Dean Karnazes.

Dean is my all time running inspiration! My running started with him and has continued to grow with him. I first heard about Dean when I picked up his 50/50 book at LA airport in 2009! Little did I know, I would read it from cover to cover in two days and go on to run 53 marathons in 53 days because he made me believe that anything was possible if you put your mind to it. Dean is not only an incredible runner who ran 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 sates, ran the most amount of miles in one go without sleep (the list goes on) but he has an incredible heart and a ridiculous amount of mental and physical strength, those of you that follow me may remember the emotional video during my treadmill challenge where Dave read a personal message sent by Dean thanks to Jemma wishing me luck, showing his support and respect and encouraging me to complete that god damn challenge because stopping wasn’t an option. That message is something I thought I could have only dreamt of! I still have to pinch myself every time I read it. Thank you Dean, I will be forever grateful.

Whippet. AKA Michael Wiggins.

I met Whippet during 53 marathons in 2014, he came to join us for the London leg and at this point I was completely unaware he would go on to become a very good friend. His love of running inspires me every time we meet. He has travelled near and far to support me on various challenges and is more than a pleasure to run with. Whippet stayed and ran with me for 24 hours during my treadmill challenge and ran 45 miles himself, it was of the most random, surreal but best nights of the challenge and I am so glad he was part of it. I don’t think he realises how much he keeps me going when he is around and times get tough. It has also been amazing to watch our individual stories grow together. Since we have known each other I have watched him grow into an incredible runner… I mean he was always a great runner but he is now smashing out ultras and ridiculous marathon times. We are proud of you!

Susie Chan.

Susie is a woman after my own heart! I love following her social media! She represents what running and fitness should be about, doing what you love, having fun with it without taking life too seriously. If you don’t know Susie, she is an ultra runner who has done loads of amazingly crazy events and races. Susie holds the world record for running the most amount of miles on a treadmill in 12 hours. I spoke to Susie on the phone during my treadmill challenge and she was nothing but lovely! Susie you are superwoman!! She is also a fellow Dog lover so that speaks volumes ☺

Sean Conway!

The only person to have completed the worlds longest triathlon around the coast of the UK!!!! No more needs to be said! This guy is made out of pure awesomeness! And is one of the few people I know that can rock a ridiculously big beard. Sean…. I love following your social media, your photos constantly inspire me to want to explore more and try new things. His quirky character and lover for adventure is definitely worth following.

Emma Timmis.

Emma was the first person to run across Africa (as you do)! I was lucky enough to meet Emma through Tough girl challenges and from then on we all become friends. I love Emma’s passion to explore and try new things. Emma’s kind heart is infectious! She is one of those lovely people that instantly makes you feel like you’ve known them forever. Emma took a long break from running and has recently found that love again and smashed out a PB a few weeks ago in New Zealand with a 3h30! Impressive huh?!

Jo Pavey.

I just love her! She hasn’t just inspired me this year; she inspires me every year! There is not much more to say, she is not just an incredibly impressive, hard working runner but a lovely, lovely woman. Jo has tonnes of followers and probably leads a hectic lifestyle but she still took the time out to personally congratulate me after completing my WR treadmill challenge. It is the most amazing feeling when you receive recognition from one of your idols.

Dame Kelly Holmes.

As if winning double gold wasn’t enough! Dame Kelly Holmes is one of those wonder people; who is so passionate about everything she does and she just keeps on going and keeps on doing more. I am beyond impressed with everything she has done and continues to achieve. Being lucky enough to be part of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust I have witnessed first hand how passionate she is towards helping young people, I also remember listening to Kelly talk about running her first London marathon only a couple of days before the big day, she was nervous and honest about how hard the training had been but she went on to absolutely kill it. She isn’t (well wasn’t) a long distance runner but she went and smashed it in 3 hours 11 minutes-not jealous at all! Who else is wishing for that time? Hopefully one day soon ☺

Elise Downing.

I have not met Elise but one day I hope to. The girl that ran the entire UK coast line and loves cake?…… she sounds like my kinda gal! She seems so charming on social media, Elise you are a beautiful role model who inspires me massively. Keep doing what your doing.

Mimi Anderson.

Mimi has done too much to mention! She holds numerous world records, has run ridiculous distances and is so lovely with it. If I turn out to be half the runner Mimi is I will be happy. Mimi was so supportive throughout my treadmill challenge, it is always nice to receive support and respect from fellow runners that are so successful. If you have heard of Mimi I am sure she has only been spoken of highly. Every runner or adventurer I know that has met her only says how fab she is. We haven’t met personally yet but hopefully we will one day soon.

My Friends, Family And Followers.

This year has been a big on for me, that treadmill challenge ended up to be more difficult and painful than I or anyone else around me could have imagined. Although it was tough and very emotional, I was constantly being picked up by my nearest and dearest and people that came to support. People that don’t run were getting on the treadmill to keep me going, they were taking themselves out of their own comfort zones to keep me going, to support me, to show their love for me, to try and ease some of my pain and that inspired me more than anything.